Alt girls, geeks, nerds, is all about young hot babes in glasses and panties who are into video video games, comic books, and being sexy as hell.

My costumes at New York Comic Con last year. Trying to get back there this year. I REALLY WANT TI MEET MORE NEW YORK PEOPLE!! ❤️💛

See how you can help get me there AND join me for dinner: 

All 3 costumes by @adalalovesyou

just a little kou drawing i did while waiting for today’s episode to air! :o)
edit /// forgot to mention — swimsuit is from here!


A friendly reminder that I still have two #zivity sets up that need your love! Left picture is from ” Game on,” under the “Video games and panties” prize and only has 9 days left to vote. And right picture is from “Twist n shout,” under the “Field of dreams” prize with about 70 days left to vote. Both shot by @azzzera .Please go show these sets some love and receive awesome incentives. Thank you guys! You’re the best! #friskyfriday #flirtyfriday #comeonbabynow #Spideysense #purplehair #redhair #tattoedbabes #Suicidegirls #suicidegirl #gaming #dress #zivitymodel #dermals #hippiercings #bellyring #pigtails @zivity 👧 💛
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